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You can add anything you want in this area, you can use these templates to  send video postcards, send announcements and special offers to your list. 

Consider using this as a weekly or daily tips, a reminder to your list, a squeeze page. a thank you page, or any other way you can think of.

These templates are  designed to be viewed 'above the fold' which just means you want your visitor to see all of your content, without having to scroll to view your message.



As you type, the table will automatically scroll to the bottom.  You can add any text you want, but try to keep your text within this table.  

Also, be sure to preview the templates in your browser before uploading. Because we're using tables, you may have to add or delete lines to have the template just the way you want it.  This can be done by adding or deleting returns. You can add your copyright information within this table. or you can just insert a row a the bottom or top of this table.

You can add your autoresponder html code as well. Note: the autoresponder does not work. :-)

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